The students of the Academy of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won the gold medal of the National Finals of the 2021 Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition of China University Students


From September 16th to 18th, the National Finals of the 2021 Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition for Chinese University Students was held in the new building of Jiading Gymnasium (Shanghai Match Point). The teachers and students of the thermal drive vehicles of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering have undergone continuous tactical adjustments on the spot. With unremitting efforts such as, community competition, etc., it finally stood out from the 59 teams in the final with the fifth best result in the country, and won the national gold medal for outstanding performance. This is also the only national gold medal in Shanghai for the heat-driven car competition.

The 2021 Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition for Chinese University Students is an important event included in the "Ministry of Education Evaluation and Competition List". It is an upgrade and improvement of the original National University Student Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition. In order to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality and ability of college students' engineering innovation, the number of participating projects has been increased from the original 2 competitions to 18 competitions in 6 major sections starting from this year. The finals set up a total of 3 tracks, 8 competitions, 205 universities and 427 teams from 32 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and special zones across the country. More than 1,500 students and 460 referees participated. The match points will be held in the form of a distributed competition at the same time. In Shanghai, 14 teams with no more than 2 teams selected for each competition will participate in the national finals. Our school is guided by teachers Zhang Meihua and Zhang Chunyan, and students Li Haoyang, Ma Longfei, Gu Rongyang, and Jia Pengju participated in the thermal drive car team, which stood out from many participating teams and achieved the fifth best result in the country and won the gold medal. Teacher Zhang Chunyan has been participating in the competition for 12 years since the first college student engineering training comprehensive ability competition was held in 2009. Each time he won the national first prize for the school.Through unremitting perseverance and hard work, she also made great breakthroughs in this competition.

During the preparations for the competition, the teachers and students forgot to sleep and eat, using the laboratory as their home, constantly researching new project plans, and optimizing and improving the design. Participating students expressed that through the competition, they had a deeper understanding of professional courses such as mechanical design, mechanical principles, and project management in the curriculum system, which stimulated their strong interest in mechanical design and manufacturing; The components are perfectly designed and manufactured. Not only can you learn a lot of knowledge that you can't learn in class, but also cultivate innovative thinking, enhance practical ability and teamwork spirit.

The China University Student Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition is based on the comprehensive engineering training and teaching platform of domestic universities. It implements the spirit of the National Education Conference and the spirit of the National Undergraduate Education Work Conference in the New Era, and fully implements the fundamental task of Lide to foster people and build new engineering disciplines. In order to lead, focus on talent training, highlight multi-disciplinary cross-collaboration and innovation creation, and create an engineering innovation competition that integrates major national planning, university science, and major under the background of innovation-driven and manufacturing power. The competition adheres to the purpose of educating people, insists on promoting teaching, promoting learning, and promoting reform by competition. From the perspective of improving students' engineering practice and innovation ability, it stimulates students' interest in learning and engineering innovation potential, promotes the integration of multiple disciplines, and promotes students All-round development will promote the comprehensive and in-depth comprehensive reform of the higher engineering education curriculum system, training model, and organizational mechanism.


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