The 6th International Conference on Control and Robot Cybernetics and the 1st Graduate Academic Forum on Mechanical Engineering in 2021 has been held in our school


The "Sixth International Conference on Control and Robotics Cybernetics (CRC 2021) and the First Graduate Academic Forum of Mechanical Engineering" hosted by Shanghai University of Engineering Science has been held on October 9-11, 2021 in the form of online and offline integration Successfully held. The conference was hosted by Shanghai University of Engineering Science and co-organized by Zhongke Control Computer Intelligent Technology Research Institute and Zhongdian Robotics Co., Ltd. More than 200 scholars and graduate students from 15 countries including Poland, Italy, Canada and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions attended the conference. The conference was hosted by Professor Cui Guohua, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science.

Before the meeting, Professor Yu Tao, President of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, warmly received the special guest Professor Zhang Jianhua, a doctoral supervisor of Shanghai University and the executive dean of the School of Microelectronics, and had a cordial meeting.

Professor Zhang Hua, chairman of the conference and director of the Graduate Department of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, delivered a speech on behalf of the school. He first extended a warm welcome to all the guests and sincere congratulations on the successful convening of the international academic conference and graduate student forum. He said that this conference will definitely provide a platform for everyone to discuss scientific issues related to the field of robotics cybernetics, exchange typical cases, and share the latest results. At the same time, he also hopes that through this conference, it will further promote the University of Engineering and domestic and foreign universities. , Exchange and cooperation of research institutions in the field of robotics cybernetics.

In the keynote speech session of the conference, Professor Zhang Jianhua of Shanghai University, Professor Biao Huang of University of Alberta, Canada, Adjunct Specially Appointed Professor of Donghua University, Professor Li Youfu of Hong Kong University, Professor Zhang Xuebo of Nankai University, Professor Yue Yi of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Calabri, Italy Professor Giuseppe Carbone from Asia University and Professor Hab. Teresa Zielińska, deputy director of the Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics of Warsaw University of Technology, respectively made the topics "Basic application research and integrated innovation of the new generation of new display technology" and "Reinforcement Learning with Control" Engineering Application", "Robot vision: insights from bio-inspired vision to machine vision systems", "Robust Robot Localization for Autonomous Navigation", "Design and Experimental Research of a novel High-Precision 5-DOF Hybrid Robot", "On The The wonderful reports of "Design of Assistive Robotics Solutions" and "Robotics in a historical perspective" conducted in-depth exchanges with participants on the hot and difficult issues in intelligent control and robotic cybernetics.

(Picture of Professor Zhang Jianhua’s speech)

(Picture of Professor Biao Huang's speech)

(Professor Li Youfu's report picture)

(Professor Zhang Xuebo's report picture)

(Professor Yue Yi’s report picture)

(Picture of Professor Giuseppe Carbone's report)

(Photo of Professor Hab. Teresa Zielińska's report)

In the sub-forums, experts, scholars, and graduate students from Jiaotong University, Tianjin University of Technology, Nankai University, the 21st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and other universities and research institutes gave more than 100 wonderful reports. This conference built a good academic exchange and communication platform for all participants, shared the latest achievements, closely focused on the hot and difficult issues of robotics cybernetics, deeply analyzed the core technology of robotics, exchanged typical cases, and promoted research between universities and research institutes. , Academic exchanges and seminars between schools and enterprises, and between disciplines, stimulate graduate students' academic enthusiasm, broaden academic ideas and fields, and promote the development of scientific and technological innovation of intelligent control and related fields.


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