Professor Gu Guoying from Shanghai Jiaotong University came to our school to give a lecture on instructor training


On the afternoon of November 16, Professor Gu Guoying, a professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, winner of the National Distinguished Youth Fund, and German Humboldt scholar, gave an academic titled "Research Progress and Thinking of Soft Robotics" for teachers and students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of our school at 8B222 of the Communications Building. The report was hosted by Mr. Chen Saixuan from the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering.

Professor Gu Guoying was a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore and Concordia University in Canada.He is mainly engaged in robotics and software robotics research, presided over more than ten national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Key Research and Development Program. He is currently the Associate Editor of IEEE T-RO and IEEE RAL, and Robotics of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society,the deputy director general of the branch and the secretary general of the Shanghai Robotics Society.

At the report meeting, Professor Gu introduced the current research progress and thinking of soft robots in simple and easy-to-understand language, as well as important application prospects in the fields of rehabilitation assistance, health care, and special environmental surveys. Professor Gu's report was vivid and wonderful, and was warmly welcomed by teachers and students.


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