"Struggling for a new century, creating the future with wisdom" The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering holds the 2022 Graduate Employment Mobilization Meeting


On the afternoon of November 26th, the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering held the 2022 Graduate Employment Mobilization Meeting at 8B122 of the New Transportation Building. Party Secretary of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Yu Rong, Dean Cui Guohua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Dongyang, heads of various departments, All graduating class counselors and representatives of graduating students attended the employment mobilization meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Wang Dongyang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

At the meeting, Li Zhen, the employment counselor of the college, reported on the employment situation of the 2021 graduates, employment promotion measures, and conducted an analysis of the employment situation of the 2022 graduates based on the research data of the college's previous graduates, the trend of the manufacturing industry, and the recruitment situation.

In the speech session, the college’s "employment leader" spoke on behalf of the 2021 graduate Si Jiameng. He shared with you the job search mentality, knowledge and skills reserves in the job search process, how to write outstanding resumes, and interview skills. Mental journey encourages everyone to adjust their employment mentality, broaden their thinking and horizons, and do a good job planning. Ding Mingjie, the representative of the 2021 postgraduate entrance examination, adjusted his mentality before the exam, reviewed strategies, and shared his personal experiences such as sprints before the exam. Graduates of the postgraduate entrance examination should avoid detours and strive for the title of the gold list.

Cui Guohua, the dean of the college, awarded the honorary certificate of “employment leader” to the first batch of graduates who successfully signed the employment agreement in 2021, and encouraged graduation with the spirit of the college motto: “people-oriented, moral first, learning-oriented, and behavior-oriented” Students, I hope that graduates can understand the employment situation, establish lofty ideals, strengthen their confidence in employment, clarify employment goals, calm their employment mentality, and find their favorite jobs as soon as possible.

Yu Rong, secretary of the party committee of the college, sent a "postgraduate entrance exam cheer bag" to the postgraduate entrance examination students, and urged all the postgraduate entrance examination students to stabilize their minds in the final stage, and at the same time ensure a good routine of work and rest, pay attention to diet, especially during the special period of the epidemic. Be prepared and safe; the college will do its best to provide all-round logistical support and guarantee work for the students to ensure that the students respond to the exam in the best state.

Finally, Secretary Yu Rong put forward requirements and suggestions for all 2022 graduates: First, establish lofty ideals, dedicate to the motherland, integrate personal ideals and pursuits into the cause of the party and the country, and go to the place where the motherland and the people need it most. Become a talent. The second is to have a clear understanding of the employment situation, strengthen employment confidence, and be pragmatic and rational in the process of employment. The third is to cherish employment opportunities, take the initiative to find jobs, give up the idea of "waiting, relying, and demanding" in the process of finding a job, take the initiative to seize all kinds of opportunities, get employment first, and then choose a job. At the same time, Secretary Yu said that the college will also use the strength of the whole college to do a good job in various employment services to help students get fuller and higher-quality employment.

The employment mobilization meeting has further enhanced the enthusiasm and initiative of the graduate students in employment, stimulated their enthusiasm for employment, formed a good employment atmosphere, and laid a good foundation for the employment of graduates in 2022.


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